Multifunctional Beauty Equipment 12in1

1. Ultrasonic Liposuction2. Infra Red3. Bipolar RF4. Galvanic Current5. Ultrasound6. Cavitation Peeling7. LED Therapy8. Sonophoresis9. Vacuum-Roller Lymph Drainage Massage10. Diamond Microdermabrasion with vacuum massage11. Permanent Makeup12. Microneedle Mesotherapy WEBSHOP


Oxy Jet Peel Device

Gentle peeling for face, body and scalpMoisturizes and oxygenates the skinSkin cleansing and disinfectionStrengthens the membranes of blood vesselsEliminates anaerobic bacteriaAcne and rosacea supportive therapyReduces skin inflammationReduces acne scars and hyperpigmentationRegulates secretion of sebaceous glandsImproves skin tone and elasticity GO TO THE WEBSHOP


1. Vacuum-roller lymph drainage massage2. Diamond Microdermabrasion3. Needle Free Mesotherapy4. Galvanic Current5. Ultrasound6. Cavitation Peeling7. Sonophoresis8. LED Therapy GO TO THE WEBSHOP


1. Needle Free Mesotherapy2. Microneedle Mesotherapy3. Galvanic Current4. Ultrasound5. Cavitation Peeling6. Sonophoresis7. LED Therapy8. Permanent Makeup GO TO THE WEBSHOP


Cavitation PeelingSonophoresisLED TherapyGalvanic CurrentUltrasoundNeedle Free MesotherapyMicroneedle MesotherapyPermanent Makeup GO TO THE WEBSHOP

Multifunctional Aesthetic Device 7in1

1. Cavitation Peeling2. Sonophoresis3. LED Therapy4. Galvanic Current5. Ultrasound6. Needle Free Mesotherapy7. Diamond Microdermabrasion GO TO THE WEBSHOP

Microneedle Mesotherapy 2in1

Microneedle Mesotherapy + Permanent Makeup- Skin microperforation destroys old scar tissue, causes the formation of new collagen fibers and activates the natural production of collagen.- Provides deep transmission of active substances into the skin.- One of the most effective methods of treating acne scars, after surgical scars, after cesarean scarring and stretch marks.- Rejuvenating, nourishing, [...]

RF device with Laser

BIOSTIMULATION LASER EFFECTS Intensificates natural collagen synthesisImproves blood circulation and tissues nutritionStimulates the regeneration of cells and blood vesselsReduces inflammation and painMain function of the laser is to stimulate the body’s regenerative processesIntegrated application of two physical stimulants Radio Frequency and Biostimulation Laser increases the treatment efficiency. RF FOR FACE Anti-aging treatmentFacial oval and chin liftingRestores skin elasticity [...]

Ultrasonic Liposuction Device with Infra Red

- Causes natural lipolysis process and adipose tissue decay- Fights fat deposits and cellulite- Removes fat from problematic areas, which is hard to remove by exercises or diet- Accelerates metabolism- Ultrasound combined with Infra Red maximise the slimming effect- Doesn’t damage surrounding tissues and blood vessels- Decayed adipose tissue is transported through the lymphatic system [...]

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